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Throw A Rock

Hit An Icon Journal

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I'm no Superman
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Hello. I'm Char/callie_girl. And this is my icon journal. Feel free to friend this journal (but I don't keep friends on this account so I don't friend back). Noms are always great (just let me know where). Other rules are pretty standard: comment and credit, no hotlinking. Always feel free to leave me any type of comment or ask questions. I feel like a lot of icon journal are very impersonal and I always want it to feel like there is actually a person making all this stuff. So if you leave me a comment or ask me a question, I'll answer and talk to you.

Mostly I tend to icon: Lost and Veronica Mars more than anything but I'll make icons of almost anything that tickles my fancy, from shows like Scrubs and Supernatural to all kinds of movies to stuff like Penny Arcade. If you want to know what kind of stuff I icon take a look at my interests or check out my memoeries.

Also: besides icons I also make lj banners/headers, wallpapers and write tutorials, so look for those too.

brush credits here//screencap credits here//

view my archive here

learn how to credt in the keywords here//learn what hotlinking is here//

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